MicroMachining Centers


______Standard Configurations

Three X, Y, Z axes.
Four axes: X, Y, Z plus rotational table.
Fives axes: X, Y, Z plus table axes (rotate and trunion).

Machines are field upgradeable to add table options.

______Maximum Table Load

5 lbs (2.73 kg); Higher payload, as special.

______Servo Spindles

100,000 RPM Servo air cooled spindle as standard,
200,000 RPM water chilled servo spindle as option.

______Speed and Acceleration

Acc/Decs XYZ of >2 G’s; Speed maximum of 30 m/min.
Note: Typical applications use Acc/Dec of ~<=1G .


XYZ 0.6 µm to position, ~2 micron along path (dynamic).


XYZ 0.1 µm all axes individually.
Linear axes have 5 nanometer resolution optical scales.


XYZ 0.3 µm to position, ~1 micron along path (dynamic).
Z Z can add 1 micron tool holding variation auto tool change.

______Automatic Tool Changer

(# of tools) Fourteen tools per cartridge; With additional cartridges and/or part fixtures, (14) new tools input < 30 seconds.
Tool position repeatability Validation of tool tip depth within one micron

______Tool Position Repeatability

Validation of tool tip depth within one micron

______Conductive Contact Probing

(Standard) Contact probing within one micron.
G-codes supporting application usage.


X___101 mm (4 inch) work envelop

Y___101 mm (4 inch) work envelop

Z___76 mm (3 inch) stroke. 101 mm (4 inch) work envelop w/ table rotation..

______File Format

G code program storage in .txt files. CAM option programs semi-auto generated from SolidWorks, ACAD, STEP files.

______User Interface

Macro capabilities User interface for manual, program call and G-code programs. Macros for planarizing, surface probing, tool change, part shifts, peck drilling, etc.
CAM option semi-auto generates complex path multiple-tool part programs.

______Major Options

Table options for 3, 4, or 5 axes, 200k RPM spindle, CAM software,
5-axis contour milling, additional tool changer and pallet cartridges.

______Non Contact Confocal Laser

Probe option for non-conducting and translucent/transparent materials. Automatic deployment. Accuracy < 1 micron. G code supported.

______Coolant System

Flood and directed recirculated filtered coolant, G-code directed.

Office or Factory
Standard G-Code program
110 VAC and 4 Bar air


100k-200k RPM Spindles
Standard Conductive Probing
Non Contact Confocal Laser
Flood & Mist Coolant System


3 Axis _________________ 4 Axis

5 Axis